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Beyond Black and White - Mission in Zambia Zambia    –    a    country    in    southern Africa,     is     on     a     threshold-     the threshold   between   complete   poverty and economic develop- ment,    between    backwardness    and progress,    tradition    and    orientation towards    western    values,    between political   inability   and   the   desire   for self-determination,    as    well    as    the urban    high    density    areas    and    the nearly endless savannah. As   contrasting   as   Zambia   itself   is,   is the   European   view   on   ecclesiastical development    aid    in    Africa.    Today there   is   still   much   criticism   on   the western   mission.   But   since   the   first missionaries   tried   to   make   their   way on   the   continent   new   perspectives have      opened      up      and      new approaches    were    developed.    With the   option   for   the   poor   instead   of propagation   of   faith,   missionary   zeal has      changed      to      cultural      and interreligious solidarity. The   multi-faceted   film   opens   with   the   question   about   which   effects   the   missionary   work   had   in   a   country,   of which   the   half   of   the   population   consists   of   Christians.      The   catholic      mission   the   cinematic   essay   portrays comments that this question is not always easy to answer – there is no simple black and white. The   director   gives   people   from   different   social   classes   of   Zambian   society   the   opportunity   to   express   themselves and   waives   own   comment.   Instead   he   invites   the   spectators   to   make   own   picture   of   the   everyday   life   of   the people and the complex work of the church’s development aid in the former English colony. The film can be purchased on DVD HERE.
Documentary, GER / ZM 2013 Position: Script, Director, Camera Postproduction Format:   Video: 16:9, FullHD, color Sound: Stereo Length:     70 min. Camera: Panasonic AG-HVX200
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